Amazon is definitely going big in the mobile and tech industry. We have a feeling it won’t be just known as an e-commerce shop. With the introduction of the Kindle, Fire tablets, Echo, Dot, and Alexa, we know it will also be known as an important mover in gadget town. Google may never admit it but the tech giant seems to have been rattled with the Alexa and Echo’s arrival, prompting them to work on the Google Home smart speaker and improve on the Google Assistant. This time, Amazon is launching a new app for a more unified communications. Meet Amazon Chime–a new communications service that helps you set a meeting, conduct one, chat, and share content in a snap.

Amazon Chime can be downloaded on your Android device, iOS unit, Mac, PC, or Chromebook. You can install Amazon Chime and run the program simultaneously on several devices. Your activities will be saved and synchronized with your other gadgets so you are always connected and updated. You can say this is just another instant messaging app but it can do more than connect you to your family, friends, and colleagues.

Business meetings can be seamless with the high-quality audio and video conferences, sharing of content, and seamless synchronizations across several devices. It’s similar to what Skype and WebEx currently offer to companies and organizations.

In this day age where the world is getting smaller, it’s important that people are equipped with the right tools. For unified communications, Amazon Chime is an ideal solution as you can integrate it with a company’s existing directories, databases, or programs. It’s not as pricey though as the others.

Amazon will soon allow support from different partners–specifically through APN partners Level 3 and Vonage according to a press release. By second quarter of this year, Level 3 and Vonage will include Amazon Chime and its Pro Edition to its business suite to be offered to business customers for free.

Amazon Chime is ready for download for free (Basic Edition). There’s also the Plus Edition that requires a minimal amount of $2.50 per user monthly. the premium will add user management, email management, configuring Active Directory, and disabling of accounts. For an additional $15 per user per month, you can take advantage of the Amazon Chime Pro Edition with screen sharing, video for a maximum of 100 users, unlimited VoIP support, and in-room video conferencing among others.

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Download Amazon Chime from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Amazon