The Stagefright security flaw, mentioned to have put a billion Android gadgets in danger when it was found in 2015, most likely hasn’t contaminated a single smartphone. Adrian Ludwig, director of Android security, says there have been no “confirmed” instances of infections attributable to the bug, in keeping with a report from The Register.

Stagefright made it attainable for attackers to contaminate a tool with malicious code via MMS and MP3 previews. The hackers might then grant themselves permissions on the system to take management of it.

Google, naturally, has a cause to minimize the presence of security flaws on the Android system, simply as antivirus software program builders have a cause to inflate it. That mentioned, Stagefright and related security exploits usually depend on particular circumstances to be efficient — and most Android security threats are less complicated in nature.

“We see spamming ads for fake antivirus stuff but it’s really basic social engineering. Even if malware is installed it seldom involved privilege escalation, it primarily just downloads other apps,” mentioned Ludwig.

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Ludwig mentioned that Android’s Confirm Apps system was the premise for the no confirmed infections declare however I ought to level out that this excludes gadgets which don’t make use of Google Play Providers, just like the Android telephones bought in China or Amazon’s Android merchandise.

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