Mobile racing games are probably in the hundreds now. We won’t dare play every title listed on the Google Play Store because not every game is worthy of our precious mobile storage space, time, and effort. We have a few favorites like the Asphalt series, Riptide GP: Renegade, Need for Speed, and the Highway Traffic Racer Planet. We’re willing to try new ones like this Beat Racer.

Beat Racer is a new racing game that combines racing and musicality. You don’t really need to be a musical genius but you need to at least know how to follow the beat of the song and move along the endless track. This Android game will have you enjoying the music and trying to escape the chase.

The game features several fantasy levels that you need to finish. Make sure you drive to the rhythm and reach the finish line. You won’t be dancing here. You will still be driving so go on and watch the road. Dodge whatever obstacles that come your way and jump over those thorns.

More cars will be chasing after you. Improve your supplies of music energy so you can purchase more cars, be able to change their designs, or upgrade them. Go on, get to the enjoy those bright neon graphics, drive to the electronic music, and finish each and every interesting racing track in the world.

Beat-Racer-6-200x200  Beat-Racer-4-200x200
Beat-Racer-6-200x200  Beat-Racer-4-200x200  Beat-Racer-1-200x200
Beat-Racer-6-200x200  Beat-Racer-4-200x200  Beat-Racer-1-200x200  Beat-Racer-2-200x200
Beat-Racer-6-200x200  Beat-Racer-4-200x200  Beat-Racer-1-200x200  Beat-Racer-2-200x200  Beat-Racer-3-200x200

Download Beat Racer from the Google Play Store