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HTC's U Ultra and U Play handsets, which were announced last month, are now up for pre-order in the UK. Both of them will become available from a variety of retail outlets on March 1.

If you're interested in purchasing the U Ultra SIM-free, you can get it for £614.98 at Unlocked Mobiles, £620 at Clove, £649 at HTC's online store, and £649.99 at Carphone Warehouse. The latter also offers the phone up alongside two-year contracts, in which case you can get it for free with plans starting at £50.99 per month. There are however dozens of options to choose from, so make sure you go through all of them before you decide. Depending on which retailer you buy from, you can get the HTC U Ultra in up to four color versions: black, white, pink, and blue.

The HTC U Play can be yours for £394.98 at Unlocked Mobiles, £394.99 at Clove, £399 at HTC, and £469.99 at Carphone Warehouse. Once again, that's also where you can buy the phone with operator contracts. The U Play is free with two-year plans starting at £28 per month. The color options are the same as for the U Ultra: black, white, pink, and blue. And just like for that phone, you may not find all of them at all of the aforementioned retailers, keep that in mind.

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