If you use Nest products to help keep your house smart and secure, then you know that notifications are pretty important since you probably don’t spend the entire day just staring at your app (unless you’re that paranoid or something). So the latest version of the Nest app brings improved notifications so that only the important and relevant ones will be able to reach your mobile device. It brings you less unwanted alerts and more significant information that you need throughout the day.

For the Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Cam Outdoor, there will now be automatic door detection as part of the Nest Aware subscription (sold separately). As it starts to recognize the doors in your house, it will create Activity Zones and when it detects movement in that area, it will send you a notification. The Nest Aware subscription is actually pretty useful as it can detect your patterns over time and through its sensors and deep learning algorithms, door detection and activity notification in these zones become more relevant.

You also get a thumbnail image when you receive the alert and if you’re already on Nougat, you will even get an animated preview of the video clip without having to open the app. Speaking of video, if you have Nest Protect and you receive a notification that there is smoke or high levels of carbon monoxide, you will see live video from all your Nest Cams. Your Nest Aware video history is now much easier to search as you can just jump right on the day that you want to check.


Lastly, you can now have app shortcuts on your Android phone, if you use several Nest products. Long press the Nest app icon so you can open the specific one that you want or just drag and drop the icons to your phone screen.

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