The Really Blue Pixel is not that easy to come by in the US, as it apparently has a limited inventory, although they’ve announced that they’re restocking the Google Store. But for those who are in Canada, it was practically unavailable, until now. Canadian carrier Rogers announced through a YouTube video that they wlll be exclusively carrying the blue variant of the in-demand Google Pixel. There is no specific date yet or other details about the release, but at least we know it’s coming.

The video carries the tagline “brightening up the winter blues” and features a woman walking along the streets on what seems to be a cold, winter night. She keeps seeing people using the Really Blue Pixel and obviously, she wanted one for herself as well. And so she walks into a Rogers store to get her own device. They then highlight the fact that this variant is exclusively available through the carrier only. Then the girl becomes the envy of those who see her using the blue smartphone.

But lest you think that you could just walk in now to any Rogers store, there are still no details as to when it will actually be available. They also did not specify as to how much it will cost. But if it will follow US pricing, it should be around $850 CAD (SRP in the US is $649) if you will buy the smartphone outright. There should also be financing available, although there is no indication yet based on the initial announcement.


Meanwhile in the US, all models of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, including Really Blue, are back online on the Google Store. However, the 128GB Really Blue is still out of stock.