Say what you want about Samsung but the truth is, the South Korean tech giant still has all the money in the world to invest, market, and improve its products and services. We can all agree what happened to the Galaxy Note 7 was really disappointing and we hope Samsung already learned a lesson or two from the fiasco. We know the company did as it vowed to improve quality assurance protocols with new safety measures. Battery suppliers were known to be at fault so Samsung has already chosen a new one. This time, we heard it will be a Japanese supplier.

Still on the topic of battery, we also heard that the Galaxy S8’s battery will have the same battery capacity as the Note 7. It’s just the same battery capacity, NOT the same battery technology and supplier. And to ensure the quality of the battery and the safety of the consumers, Samsung has laid out an 8-Point Battery Safety Check which involves a number of enhanced tests from Disassembling Test to Durability Test, Accelerated Usage Test, Visual Inspection, and, TVOC Test. This multi-layer safety measures protocol is expected to be the strict safety standards that will help Samsung test the smartphone before it is launched in the market.

Samsung Mobile just posted a video showing the extensive tests being done to a smartphone as part of the Quality Assurance phase. These phones are extensively tested as quality is Samsung’s top priority.

In this video, the Galaxy phone is dropped from a certain height, splashed with water, submerged under water up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes, chilled up to -20˚C, and then heated up to 60˚C. It was pressed, bent, and then retested again. The unit tested on the video appears to be a Galaxy S7 Edge. We believe the results but we’re more interested to know if the Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, and the Galaxy Note 7 will survive such tests.

Samsung-Galaxy-S8-Test-7-200x200  Samsung-Galaxy-S8-Test-6-200x200
Samsung-Galaxy-S8-Test-7-200x200  Samsung-Galaxy-S8-Test-6-200x200  Samsung-Galaxy-S8-Test-5-200x200
Samsung-Galaxy-S8-Test-7-200x200  Samsung-Galaxy-S8-Test-6-200x200  Samsung-Galaxy-S8-Test-5-200x200  Samsung-Galaxy-S8-Test-1-200x200