SystemPanel 2 is a great little app for those of you who need to be informed about whatever is happening on your device at any given time. If you’re the type who likes to monitor the intricate details of the system processes within your phone, you’re now able to install this app, which is so small it isn’t really a hassle to add to your app collection.

SystemPanel 2 is a very detailed and useful system monitoring app for your Android device. The app provides a comprehensive look into your CPU, network, and RAM usage in real time. If you wonder about network speeds at any given time, the app will show you the current upload and download speeds you’re hitting. Additionally, you are able to monitor your cellular connection’s signal strength and battery status.

SystemPanel 2 will even give you the current temperature of your battery and chipset are also shown, which is something we all like. You also get an app manager that lists all the apps you have installed – and as a bonus, the app also lists all associated processes and permissions your installed apps require. That’s very nice indeed.


A small caveat, the app is great for devices running Android Marshmallow, but if you use it with an Android Nougat device, you will have to provide root access. This is because of Nougat’s stricter security protocols. Unlike the old version of the app, all features in SystemPanel 2 are usable – there are ads that you can get rid of by paying a few dollars, but everything is usable.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store